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Giving your partner money in a relationship every time there is an issue that needs to be settled is only going to further damage the relationship as money is not the solution.

Ghanaian radio and television presenter Jessica Opare Saforo has once again stirred the muddy waters and the dust is beginning to enter the eyes of those in the water.

Jessica is known for many things in Ghana including the popular system voice-over of MTN which became known to the public quite recently. She is now into more inspiration and motivation on her YouTube channel.

In a trending video, Jessica Opare claims that whenever there are issues in a relationship, throwing money around on your partner is not the best way as it only adds more accelerant to the fire.

Jessica disclosed that there are a lot of couples out there who feel taking their partners out for shopping when they are angry doesn’t mean the anger is gone, it is just hidden and will surely make its way back.

Here’s what she said:

Kennedy Hatekah

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