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Some time ago, social media especially Twitter went buzzing with trending hashtags of Ghanaian rapper D-Black in a leaked tape with one pretty lady with American ascent.

Many people tried as much as they can to lay their hands on the said leaked tape and while some people actually succeeded, others failed and had no chance watching the tape.

Here in this post, I bring to you exactly what the video you’ve been looking for is. You’ll have the chance finally watch and make comments of your own without depending on narration.

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Not long ago, the said unknown lady involved in the video came up to narrate how the video was recorded and leaked into the public domain.

Down here, you will find the video of D-Black the unknown American lady who he had a good time in secret with while hoping it stayed that way.

Due to website policy, you have to watch the video by clicking on the link here. The full video will then be made available to you.

Kennedy Hatekah

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