Ghanaian nude photo model Shugatiti in a new video has explained why for the last 7 years she has not stepped a foot into a church premise and why she is not intending to go any time soon.

Shugatiti is an Instagram influencer who doubles as a photo model and she is actually good at what she does out there. However, her newest revelation suggests that she has stopped going to church 7 years ago.

Explaining to Pulse Ghana, Shugatiti said that as of the time she goes to church, instrumentalists and even pastors attempt to have a piece of her every time they have the least chance and that actually puts her off.

She also disclosed that one thing also that puts hr off is the fact that it is only those who pay huge offerings in the church that are made favorites.

Do you share the idea that one can just stop a church if such things happen to them? Well, we hope for the best.

Watch her interview with Pulse here:

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