Growing up with dreams of becoming a lawyer or a marketer, a Ghanaian lady who is identified as Rochelle Grace shares her story as an as ashawo on the streets of Accra after arriving in the capital city of the country as a teenager.

The lady disclosed that she has been an ashawo for at least 10 years after her first encounter with a Nigerian man in Labadi during the early days of her stay in Accra.

Sharing the details of her story, Rochelle Grace said that she met a Nigerian man who she followed home thinking she was in love only for her to be locked up and molested and then given some money to rent a place.

Upon getting a room for herself, she took the ugly incident as a business and has been on it since. In her own words, the streets will teach you what you won’t learn as a Ph.D. holder.

She is not happy with her life choices but feels it is what is available to her at the moment. Speaking on what the next step is, she called out to the world to help her put up a store so that she can start some good for herself.

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