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Ghanaian actress and socialite Pamela Odame Watara has given her fans the treatment they deserve in an Instagram live session while she goes for question and answer.

Pamela became popular in Ghana after a video of her full being went viral and many people spoke about her assets for days and it is for these assets that she is known widely.

When she become popular, she starred in a number of movies including the popular Fork Boys and Efiewura which still airs on television and is available on the video streaming platform YouTube.

In her recent outburst, the actress who was in a live video with her followers on Instagram mentioned that she will not show herself since it is against social media ethics but went ahead to do the opposite.

Trends Maniac team intercepted a video that showed her clearly displaying herself to the world while drinking in the live video watched by many people around the world.

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Kennedy Hatekah

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