The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has exposed countries that have only reactive measures in place with no proactive ones. Every country has found ways of making its citizens survive the hardships put out by the disease and one key measure among the lot is the closure of borders and the introduction of travel protocols. Here in this article are Ghana travel requirements. Please read every single detail.

For everyone who is making plans to make their way into Ghana, you must know that the country has plans that are in accordance with the CDCs red flags and the presidential coronavirus management committee.

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Ghana Travel Requirements

Just like many other countries, Ghana has categorized countries based on the risk of infection the poss as a result of the level of infection in these countries.

International flights in and out of Ghana have resumed.  Land and sea borders remain closed. You’ll have to meet strict health requirements, including COVID-19 testing before you travel and when you arrive.

If you arrive in Ghana, you must make a COVID-19 test payment of $150 and take the test as mandated by the health committee. Children between the ages of 5-12 years must also pay $150 for testing. Children under 5 years are exempted from all test requirements.

If you’re from a less risky country, you must present a negative COVID-19 (PCR) test result taken no more than 72 hours before your initial departure from your home country. Register your test results online by following the links on the Ghana Ministry of Health website.

While in Ghana, you must provide the port health officials with accurate data on yourself and your place of residence in the country as well as contact details. This is required because these officials will make follow-ups in 14 days to find out if all is well with you.

You must know that giving out false information intentionally may result in prosecution and deportation if need be.

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