There is a piece of good news to Ghanaians as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has given its seal of approval for Ghana’s National Identity Card, the Ghana Card to be recognized globally as a valid e-passport.

Now, holders of the Ghana Card, as well as its future biometric equivalents, can present it as official documentation at all 197 (ICAO) compliant countries and 44,000 airports worldwide and board flights to Ghana.

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A ceremony was held in Canada on February 9, 2022, to officially recognize the card after its verification by the ICAO.

According to ICAO authorities, the move will assist border control to effectively and quickly verify the passports of Ghana Card holders to enable them to embark on their travel smoothly.

The statement also mentioned that the Ghana Card contains the holder’s biometric data and digital signature so it is the best method of verifying someone’s details before allowing him to cross over into another country.

In summary, there will be a key ceremony which will be the final face to the implementation of the e-passport project and then Ghanaians with the Ghana Card can travel smoothly across the designated ports in the world.


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