Get Paid $1300 To Watch 13 Scary Halloween Horror Movies

Halloween Horror

Get paid $1300 to watch 13 Scary Halloween horror movies of all time that have come with high budgets from production to marketing.

Horror movie lovers based in the United States of America are wanted for hire to watch 13 scary Halloween movies in order to determine whether high-budget horror movies deliver more scare than low-budget ones.

An article of advertisement cited by Trendsmaniac from FinanceBuzz has made a call on horror movie lovers to earn some quick cash from just watching some 13 movies if they can sit through.

Get Paid $1300 To Watch 13 Scary Halloween Horror Movies
Image Source: Halloween Horror Nights

Get Paid $1300 To Watch 13 Scary Halloween Horror Movies

In all, you will only lose your heartbeat in the process of watching these movies while you earn some cool cash from it.

Movie Titles

1. Saw

2. Amityville Horror

3. A Quiet Place

4. A Quiet Place Part 2

5. Candyman

6. Insidious

7. The Blair Witch Project

8. Sinister

9. Get Out

10. The Purge

11. Halloween (2018)

12. Paranormal Activity

13. Annabelle

These are well-sorted-out scary movies that would get your heart pounding at the sight of certain scenes.

According to FinanceBuzz, the reason to pay people to watch movies is simple, For Research:

Of all the different types of movies to hit the silver screen, movies of the horror genre are the most profitable, regardless of the budget set to film them.

For a movie to make your hair stand on end and send shivers crawling up your spine, it’s not all about high-end special effects and CGI scares. More often than not, horror movies are scary because of their story… not the budget of the production studio. Some of the most spectacular slasher films and terrifying thrillers were made with chump change compared to superhero sequels and well known franchises. In 2007 Paranormal Activity was produced with just $15,000 and racked in over $193 million dollars from the box office.

To sign up and get paid $1300 to watch 13 scary Halloween horror movies; Fill the FORM HERE

Remember this is for only people based in the US of America

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