The government of Ghana in presenting the 2022 budget to parliament in 2021 announced the introduction of a new tax on electronic money transfers called the E-levy.

Even though the people of Ghana including the Minority Group in Parliament have taken a stand on the decision to introduce the new tax, the Nana Akufo Addo led government is bent on seeing it through.

As the house of Parliament is back to sit and deliberate on issues presented in the budget including the controversial e-levy, here is the full list of new momo (mobile money charges) if the e-levy is passed.

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According to the Minister for Communications, Ursala Owusu, the telcos in Ghana have agreed to cut down their 1% charge by 0.25% hence telcos will charge 0.75% while the government charges 1.50%

New Mobile Money – MoMo Charges from May 1, 2022

Amount(GHC)       Telco(GHC)       E-levy(GHC)        Total(GHC)

100                                     0.75                           0.00                                    0.75

150                                    1.125                         2.25                                    3.375

300                                   2.23                           4.5                                       6.73

500                                  3.75                           7.5                                       11.25

1000                              7.50                          15.00                                     22.50

2000                            15.00                          30.00                                    45.00

5000                          37.50                          75.00                                      112.5

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