Adom FM’s Kwame Oboadie has opened up on intriguing facts about him, which are unknown to many while he was on the set of Adom TV’s M’ashyese3 show, the comic personality of ‘Ofie Kwanso‘ fame.

As a native of Kwahu, Oboadie, loved and admired by many for his comic relief, spent most of his social and educational life in his hometown. Born William Kwame Ofori, he began his elementary education at Kwahu Abetifi and proceeded to St Peters Senior High School.

As the third born among five children, Oboadie told Afia Amankwa Tamakloe he had to struggle to make ends meet so he could support his younger ones because they were single-handedly raised by their mum.

“Growing up, we heard stories that our father was overseas but we never set our eyes on him or heard from him for a very long time until when I had my PERSCO admission and he came to foot the bills.”

For the radio and TV presenter, going to the boarding house was his only escape from farming and house chores, thus he was disappointed to find out his father had paid for him to be a day student.

However, his life took a complete turnaround when he received two major scholarships which helped him stay in the boarding house, and after his senior high school education, he attended the Abetifi Training College, where he trained as a teacher.

Kwame Oboadie

Upon completion, he was posted to Nkawkaw to commence his teaching career. While teaching at Nkawkaw, Oboadie revealed, he took a job at Live FM – a decision which he says began his career in journalism.

According to him, after teaching for three years, Oboadie said he decided to pursue a degree and thus began selling A1 bread at Nkrumah Circle in Accra, to fund his education at the University of Ghana, Legon selling bread while in the University to take care of himself and pay fees.

Oboadie stated that he does not agree with young people who quit school because they cannot find a helper or sell their bodies to fund it. He said that once a person is strong and fit, they can find legitimate ways to help themselves.

At a point, Oboadie decided to quit teaching, especially because of the frustrations that came with that career and his love for media work.

He told the host that he always had a love for radio and thus chose to intern at The Multimedia Group while still selling bread. He also revealed that he had worked with the host of Adom FM’s late afternoon show, Jerry Justice in Nkawkaw.

Thus, when Mr. Justice was asked about Oboadie’s work ethic the program Director, Sammy Yirenkyi gave him an opportunity to be on Adom FM.

He stated that though he was not paid as an intern, he did not mind working as a full-time employee. After his first appearance on radio, Oboadie said, he was chosen to be the host for ‘Ayarigated sports’ on Adom FM.

However, after realizing the effort he put in, Obaodie said the boss decided to pay him. He urged young people to learn to sacrifice and put in efforts to make their dreams come true.

He stated that although people cannot always work for free, at some point in their lives they would need to sacrifice a pay or two in hopes of making their dreams a reality.

“Multimedia, I came there to work for free and God showed me the light,” he said adding that if he decides to leave this job there are other media companies who would work with him because they have seen him work.


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