The introduction of the ECOWAS Identity Card is intended to align all West African Countries under one umbrella as the sub-region fights and prepares towards the Africa Inter-continental Free Trade Area (AFTA).

In Ghana, the ECOWAS Card is popular as the Ghana Card as that has been the name used by the National Identification Authority advertising the introduction of the card in the latter days of 2018 and early 2019.

Though the mass registration process which was the first of the many phrases used in hooking Ghanaians up onto the NIA’s Information Management System (IMS) saw a massive turn own, it is currently understood that there are many more people who have still not registered for the card and many who didn’t know the value of the card and thereby misplaced it.

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In this article, we intend to give you simple steps to follow in order to replace your missing or damaged Ghana card to be able to transact business in Ghana since it is currently directed to be used as the sole identity document in banking transactions in Ghana by the Bank of Ghana.

Steps To Follow To Retrieve Missing Ghana Card

1. Report to a police station to file a complaint of the missing Ghana Card

2. Use the police cover note as evidence for any legal sanctions that may come if the card is used by someone else

3. Visit the nearest district office for a card replacement. Find the list of the NIA offices and their contacts here. Contact the office for an appointment first and be given a date to report.

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4. Report to the office on the scheduled date with the police report for a card reprint. Remember that the card reprint will cost you GHC30 – GHC35

5. For those who are replacing damaged Ghana Cards, ignore steps one and two and begin the process from point 3

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