Possible Negative Implications of Ghana’s Anti LGBTQI+ Bill: Seven of Ghana’s lawmakers have laid before Parliament a bill which when passed will control or for lack of better words regulate the actions of believers of same-sex activities including people who openly support or in one way or the other are found to have declared their support for them openly.

The country has on both traditional and social media debated the bill with many individuals and groups submitting memos either for or against the bill. The European world especially the United Kingdom and the United States of America have joined the debate of the bill, determining whether or not it is right or wrong to let it go through.

Many people have tried to lobby against the passage of the bill as they have tagged it an Anti-LGBTQI+ bill which is supposed to criminalize the activities of these people in the Ghanaian jurisdiction. However, the bill in itself is named the “Proper Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values” and people are encouraged to refer to it as such.

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In summary, the bill is expected to serve some punishments as well as afford people who are accused on that the chance to be tried and heard in a court of competent jurisdiction.

In our overview of the bill, Trendsmaniac.com brings you five strong possible negative implications of Ghana’s Anti-LGBTQI+ bill should it be passed by the House of Parliament into law and subsequently ascended to by the President of the Republic, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.


Possible Negative Implications of Ghana’s Anti LGBTQI+ Bill

Should the bill go through to become law in Ghana, these are some of the few negative effects it will bring onto the country:

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 Medical Supplies Support/Assistance

Ghana just like many other developing countries in Africa has a very low contribution of her domestic operations in the area of medical supplies. Most of the drugs and medical devices being used in Ghana for high-rated medical complications are received from the European world from countries like the United Kingdom and the USA.

Ghana’s AIDS commission has already warned of possible withdrawal of foreign aids in the fight of HIV/AIDS especially in the supply of the anti-retroviral drugs which are neither produced in Ghana nor purchased using Ghana’s resources.

By this, since the citizens of these Western countries are often traveling into Ghana and same-sex activities are legal in these countries, it will be difficult for them to assist Ghana knowing very well that some of their citizens cannot travel to Ghana.

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Foreign Investments

Every foreign investor wants to invest in a peaceful and accommodating environment. Over the years, Ghana has been favourite among the many African countries when it comes to investment because of the peaceful atmosphere the country has served since independence.

But all these are on the verge of collapse by the introduction of the Anti-LGBTQI+ bill which seeks to prevent people who have believed in same-sex relationships from coming into Ghana or practicing their belief openly.

Many investors may feel the need to take away their monies because of the social segregation that the introduction of the bill may bring along.

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In the 21st century, tourism has become an integral part of the socio-economic development of every country all around the globe. Foreign patronage of tourist sites has become the highest contributing source of revenues generated from the tourism space.

Again, the above benefits are on the verge of disappearing if the Anti-LGBTQI+ bill becomes law in Ghana. Tourists best enjoy their travels with their partners. With most of the European countries beginning to sign up for same-sex activities, it will become difficult for foreigners to patronize Ghana’s tourism space should there be limits on who one can have as a partner since most people who have same-sex partners will be affected largely.

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Grants and Loans

African countries depend largely on loans and grants to finance their budgets especially with regards to their capital expenditure. Ghana is not an exception to foreign borrowing and a greater proportion of the country’s over GHC330 billion debt is from foreign sources.

Ghana also depends largely on grants from countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. For instance, every year, Ghana receives some $90 million from the USA to finance power supply and there are many others that can be mentioned.

But one thing that will happen if the Anti-LGBTQI+ bill goes through will be the possible withdrawal of these grants from reaching Ghana since many Americans and British cannot live in Ghana anymore and its implication will be devastating to the financial playing field of the country.

Eurobond Subscription

A Eurobond is a bond issued offshore by governments or corporates denominated in a currency other than that of the issuer’s country.

Eurobonds are important because they help organizations/countries raise capital while having the flexibility to issue them in another currency.

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Ghana has issued several bonds and is hoping to do more of it in the coming years in order to augment the growing debt level of the country. But the introduction of the new bill, the Anti-LGBTQI+ bill may result in some downplays in the subscription of these bonds since they are issued mostly in the Western world.

All of the above and more are the possible negative implications of the Proper Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values should it be passed into law.

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