The Ewe group is found in the southern part of Ghana close to Togo. The land shares border with Togo to the East and then with the Greater Accra Region as well.

As interesting as it is with many cultures around the country, Ewes name their children in very unique ways and the meanings to these names will get you actually thinking. Here is a list of some Ewe names and their English meanings.

Ewe Names And Their Meanings In English

Names In Ewe                               Meanings In English

Nuname                                                                       Gift

Sename                                                                       God’s gift to humankind

Evenu                                                                          God have mercy upon him/her

Senanu                                                                        God giveth

Senya                                                                          God knows

Nusesi                                                                         Thy mighty hand

Worlasi                                                                       In the creator’s hand

Vadem                                                                         Come and save me

Korkoe                                                                        Holy

Kplorm                                                                        Guide me

Kplorla                                                                        Leader, shepherd

Valikem                                                                      Come and establish me

Nusetor                                                                       The mighty one

Agbeko                                                                       Only life

Nunana                                                                        Gift

Edzordzinami                                                              We are glad

Edzorna                                                                       It happens

Efakornam                                                                  He has comforted me

Efanam                                                                        I am comforted

Nunya                                                                         Knowledge and wisdom

Yingor                                                                         Excel

Yram                                                                           Bless me

Yormawu                                                                    Call on God

Zanetor                                                                        Darkness must seize

Nunyati                                                                       Tree of knowledge and wisdom

Nukunu                                                                       Wonder

Agbemabiase                                                              The origin of life is not known

Agbemafle                                                                  Life cannot be bought

Gayram                                                                       Bless me again

Magava                                                                       I shall return

Venunye                                                                      Favor me or give me thy grace

Vormawu                                                                    Fear God

Yesutor                                                                       Belongs to Jesus

Malike                                                                         I shall be established

Manoagbe                                                                   I shall live

Mawudinam                                                                I am lucky

Fafali                                                                           There is peace

Fiavi                                                                            Prince

Foli                                                                              First son

Gameli                                                                        There is time for everything

Abra                                                                            Tuesday-born girl

Esinu                                                                           Waiting upon the Lord

Etor                                                                             Belongs to God

Etornam                                                                      God has answered me

Amewusika                                                                 People are more valuable than material things

Agbenyefia                                                                 Life is the king

Edotomi                                                                      God has heard us

Agbenyega                                                                  Life is the greatest

Agbenyo                                                                     Life is good

Mawutor                                                                     Belongs to God

Blewu                                                                          Be patient

Bubune                                                                        Adorable and honour onto Him

Mawueyram                                                                God blesses me

Mawuworge                                                                God will do it

Agbesi                                                                         Life is the greatest

Edzordzinam                                                               I am glad

Fenuku                                                                        Year seed

Edotom                                                                       God has heard me

Feyi                                                                             A year has passed

Xetsa                                                                           Second Twin Girl

Yawa                                                                           Born on Thursday

Lorlorli                                                                        There is always love

Afefa                                                                           Peaceful house

Edudzi                                                                         Winner

Edrorlali                                                                      The judge lives

Afeke                                                                          The root of the house

Afelete                                                                        Established home

Agbe                                                                           Life

Selorm                                                                         God loves me, divine love

Eyra                                                                             He blesses

Eyram                                                                         God has blessed me

Delado                                                                         The saviour has emerged

Delasi                                                                          In the saviour’s hands.

Akorfa                                                                         Peaceful heart

Butsorme                                                                     Think of tomorrow

Nyuiemedzi                                                                 I seek good things

Akorfala                                                                      Comforter

Elorm                                                                          God loves and adores me

Dzidzorli                                                                     There is happiness

Akpe                                                                           Appreciation

Ehenyuive                                                                   Bringer of joy

Kekleli                                                                        There’s light

Amenuveve                                                                 Grace

Enyo                                                                            Perfect

Nutifafa                                                                       Peace

Lorlornyo                                                                    Love is good

Klenami                                                                      Shine for us

Nutikorkoe                                                                  Glory

Mawunyo                                                                    God is good

Senam                                                                         God’s gift to me

Lorlor                                                                          Love

Senyegbe                                                                     Hear my voice

Mawukoenya                                                              Only God knows

Enyonam                                                                     Content

Ese                                                                              He hears

Amenyo                                                                      Human is precious

Nalikem                                                                      Establish me

Nayra                                                                          Bless

Norkplim                                                                     Abide with me

Nyuitor                                                                        Perfect.


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