Eli Beach Resort, Keta; Visit A Home Away From Home

By | October 13, 2021
Eli Beach Resort

One of the reasons you cannot resist visiting Keta is the luxurious yet affordable accommodation receptions the town has to offer to visitors any time and any day. Among these hotels is the Eli Beach Resort, located on the Loneh Link, Tegbi.

Eli Beach Resort has been in operation for some years and the service delivery has been improving day after day that you’re at the right place if you finally decide to lodge with them.

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Eli Beach Resort Location And Facilities

The resort is located in Keta on the loneh link. The facility is not far away from Fort Prinzenstein as this point of interest is reachable within 2.2 km reach of the resort.

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Eli Boutique

This resort is one of the very few in the country to own a boutique to reduce the hustle of going out there for new clothes if need be. The boutiques have the very best and trendy clothing you can ask for.

Eli Beach

In the reach of the resort also is the serene beach developed and care for by the managers of the facility to offer guests the best view of the ocean during their stay as they look forward to feeling their adventure.

Swimming Pool

Are you a pool lover? Eli resort has exactly the way you want your pool to feel. Warm? Cold? You’re covered all the time. You are allowed to dive in anytime you feel the need to once you’re a guest.

Restaurant Facility

You don’t have to worry about your food if you’re on a special diet and want to eat just that even away from home because Eli has some of the best chefs on duty to provide your food from local to continental levels.

Cocktail Bar

Yes, you read right. A cocktail bar to serve you some of the very best cocktail recipes that you’ve loved from your favourite joints back in your hood. Just make that order and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll receive from the well-trained bar attendants.

Fitness Center and Spa

We know your body needs special care during your stay so advanced preparation has already been made to serve your needs. The resort has available fitness and gym centers. You have the space for your routine workouts. There is also a spa to give you additional treatments.


Eli Beach Resort has different accommodation provisions. There are executive rooms, standard rooms, and disability-friendly rooms o fit the needs and budgets of everyone. With this, no matter what you have in mind, your needs are well sorted.

You may need to contact Eli Resort now as you read on. Here is our social contact.

E-mail: info@elibeachresort.com
For reservation E-mail: reservation@elibeachresort.com
Phone:  (+233)55-974-8686
Our Website Here

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