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The organizers of the most attended annual event in the Volta Region and the headline artist of the EdemFest musical event that comes along with the Hogbetsotso Festival, Edem, has announced some updates to the event going forward.

EdemFest was last organized in 2019 and then went on a break just like the Hogbetsotso Festival itself as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the measures put in place by the leadership of the country.

The event has however not been held in 2022 even though the annual Hogbetsotso Festival returned. It is this that the artist who is a native of the land seeks to clarify.

In his clarification, the artist released a press statement to that effect and I bring this press statement to your attention.

Edem announces Edemfest 2023 – Edemfest Returns in 2023 As Multiple Days Festival

Multiple-award-winning Ghanaian artist, Edem, has announced the return of his annual event EdemFest in 2023.
Edemfest before its break has been one of the annual events in the Volta region of Ghana that promoted local tourism in the region and largely contributed to the Economic ecosystem of the region.

Edemfest had to go on break after the 2019 edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent effects. The return of such a huge event means it returns bigger and better, Edemfest will turn into a fully-fledged multiple-day festival, filled with more activities.

The return of Edemfest has been one that fans and regions have manifested, the constant demand by patrons to bring back the event is one of the many reasons, the 2023 Edemfest will be special.

Also, the incoming Edemfest will be a paid event. Paying for events is the future of the events ecosystem which is why Edemfest will encourage all fans to pay something to secure the future of such an event for the region.

Edem expresses his excitement for Edemfest;

“I appreciate the overwhelming love and support by my fans and my region. Ever since our break in 2019, I have been bombarded with messages to bring it back, and to show my love for my Fans as well as my region, Edemfest is back and it is going to be bigger than it was.

I ask fans and the region to continually support the festival by paying to attend in their numbers, I miss Edemfest and I can’t wait for it in 2023.”

Preparations and planning have already begun ahead of the festival to be held in the beautiful coastal town of Keta, filled with its nice sandy beaches and rich history.

The just-ended Hogbetsotso festival in the region is a demonstration of how the region is open to receiving the world and sharing its rich culture.

Edem articulated his appreciation for Togbe Sri III for his exceptional role in ensuring discipline and excellence in the region as he welcomed Otomfour and other Kings at the just-ended Hogbetsotso. Edem believes that this demonstration of oneness has laid the foundation to build on the excellent reputation of the region.

The date and exact venue would be officially communicated in 2023, but ahead of the main festival, Edem and his team will embark on a series of activities, that would lead to one of the finest festivals to be held in Ghana and beyond.


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