Dr. Setor Norgbe, the 1st runner-up for Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021 edition on TV3 is on a tour in Ethiopia to thank the people of the land for their support to her during the weeks spent at the competition.

Dr. Setore Norgbe who is a professional medical doctor represented the people of the Volta Region, Ghana’s 9th Region, and made them proud by coming up as the 1st runner-up.

During the GMB2021 contest, participants were asked to represent other African countries in an ambassadorial role and Dr. Setor Norgbe had the privilege of representing the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, a country she refers to as her second home.

She was highly supported by the leadership and people of Ethiopia through their ambassador to Ghana and it is just ideal to say thank you to them for the immense support which she has started.

She wrote this on her Facebook page to inform the world of her actions:

Early on today, I headed off for my Second home, the LAND OF ORIGINS, THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA. To extend my thank yous to the people of the country and to participate in GENA and TIMKET. Above are footages of me at the Kotoka International Airport, just before departure. I will bring you updates of the tour. The reception has been amazing so far.

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