1st Runner-Up of GMB 2021, Dr. Setor Abra Norgbe has been exploring Ethiopia since visiting the country on her thank you and appreciation tour earlier. This is to say that Setor is actually enjoying the warm hospitality of Ethiopia.

During the GMB 2021 contest, Setor Norgbe represented the people of Ethiopia in the Culture Ambassador week and displayed their unique culture and history to the people of Ghana and Africa at large.

Because of the support and goodwill shown by the leaders of Ethiopia in Ghana in terms of giving the beauty queen full details of their history and coaching, Setor found the need to say thank you to the people of Ethiopia.

In a series of social media engagements, she share how she visited Ethiopian Airlines and how she was honored in the country. She also shared her speech to African Leaders who gathered in Ethiopia for a summit.

This time, the beauty queen has shared with her fans how pretty Ethiopia is with a series of engaging pictures she took on her tour.

Check these images here:

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