Date Rush 2022 presents season 6 of the love match show which is an initiative of rush energy drink and TV3 Ghana, a member of the Media General group.

Date Rush has actually been in existence for years and the return of Date Rush 2022 season 6 promises to bring you more action than you have ever seen on the show since its inception.

With Date Rush season 6, you are to expect more pretty ladies with class and elegance as well as a bit of controversy. You are also to look out for guys with swag and cash.

Date Rush 2022 Hosts

For some time now you have been wowed by the amazing hosts of Date Rush and by popular demand you have asked that the hosts of the 5th season of the show are retained and that’s exactly what you have gotten.

Date Rush 2022 is hosted the one and only Giovani Caleb and Anita Akua Akuffo with musical support coming from the amazing DJ Faculty.

Giovani Caleb is the host of Showbiz360. The show, Showbiz360 is aired live on Fridays on TV3 Ghana. He also hosts other programs on 3FM, a radio channel owned by TV3 Ghana also. Having been on Date Rush after taking over from Nii Kpakpo, Giovani Caleb promises an exciting Date Rush 2022 season 6.

Anita Akua Akuffo is a broadcaster in the field of entertainment and reality. She presents entertainment news on News360 on TV3 Ghana. She also co-hosted the GMB beauty contest and was a co-host of The Ladies Circle on TV3 Ghana as well.

DJ Faculty has come a long way with TV3 Ghana and does not seem to be ending its relationship with them anytime soon. DJ Faculty has been on the Date Rush show as the official DJ since its inception and has mastered the craft of making the show exciting so Date Rush season 6 will be mega.

Date Rush 2022 Time

Date Rush is a pre-recorded show that is aired in episodes. In some episodes, the ladies choose from men. However, the show is built of men coming to find their love among 10 ladies who present themselves on stage behind Rushes.

Date Rush 2022 season 6 is aired every Sunday at 8:00 pm on TV3 Ghana by Giovani Caleb, Anita Akua Akufo behind the stage, and DJ Faculty handling the music.

Watch Date Rush 2022 Season 6 Episode 1:

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