Coronavirus statistics all over the world are scary at a glance but you should know that the introduction of the vaccines is bringing in hope as a lot of people who were infected, got healed from the clinical trials leading the approval by the World Health Organization.

The statistics of the deadly pandemic are often provided by the respective countries as required by the World Health Organization and other international health groups as well as donor agencies who might need this data for decision-making processes.

The coming in of the vaccines as we have already stated is the reason a lot of people have not given up themselves and have not gone on to do anything ‘silly’.

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Coronavirus Statistics

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In the quest to get the data needed to compute your work, it is quite cool to visit this individual country website to get the daily updated data on demand.

As we all know, this virus broke out in China and has since got a lot of people blaming the country for unleashing havoc on the world.

All over the world currently, the data available is scarry over 216 million people have at a point in time been infected by the virus. Out of these numbers, please a whopping total of 4.55 million have lost their lives in the process of receiving some treatments.

Currently, the United States of America has the highest number of infected people of 43,910,849 while India and Brazil follow with 33,594,803 and 21,427,073 respectively.

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