The Coco Patch Restaurant Barbados is a Caribbean-style restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch daily, as well as a sumptuous local and international lunch buffet every Sunday. This restaurant is located at Christ Church BB 15139, Barbados West Indies, Christ Church, Barbados. Let us take a closer look at the Coco Patch Restaurant Barbados Menu.

The Coco Patch Restaurant is the in-house dining establishment at the popular Accra Beach Hotel in Christchurch. Offering a beautiful sea view, you can have a buffet breakfast, lunch, or evening dinner. The menu consists of international/Caribbean dishes.

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Try the plantain-crusted croquette vegetables served with tangy tomato chutney and smooth avocado puree. You can dine in casual wear either indoors in the air-conditioned dining room or outside on the terraces, cooled by the natural Caribbean breezes.

Check the calendar to see what is happening for entertainment for the evening meals as they usually have a variety of things on, such as stilt walking and live steel band music.

Coco Patch Restaurant Barbados Menu

Here, you have a choice to make between Cocopatch Breakfast Menu and Cocopatch Lunch Menu since the facility is dedicated to these two services.

There is absolutely no food you’ll demand that cannot be provided here. This is because Coco Patch has recruited the best seasoned and experienced chefs to take control of your dining needs. In this regard, all you need to do is select from the menu list and get served or order for what you want that is not already captured on the menu.

The menu at one end might favour or not favour your appetite at the time so just relax and call on the waiters there. Check this out.

Menu List

If you don’t see your search in the list, no cause for alarm as there is more from where that is coming from. Please check this out also.

Menu List

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