Climbing mountain Afadjato for the first time can be scary and energy-consuming especially when you take a look from just the starting point.

If you have not yet toured this part of the country, you are missing a great deal of experience to add to your already increasing love for nature.

As a human, your height is approximately six-foot-tall which is equivalent to 1.8288 meters. Imagine climbing a height that is over eight hundred times your height. Yes, you read right, Afadjato measures 885 meters.

Simply put, climbing Afadjato can be a horrifying yet satisfying experience for you to narrate to your pals and children.

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Climbing Mountain Afadjato For The First Time

If you have finally made that decision to visit Afadjato or you are reading this article at the base of the mountain, we are here to give you some tips on how to see yourself at the peak in no time.

So basically there are human footpaths along the mountain that can easily tell you that you are not the first to head there, yes, but how did the others get there? By just walking or running as usual?

No. The best way to climb this mountain is not to walk straight up it but to walk around it. Once you begin to walk around the mountain, you’ll not feet its steep sloppiness hence you’ll be able to move forward with less energy.

Also along the mountain are trees. Do not flex your counterparts. Try to hold-o-to these trees as you move forward to keep your balance and also to rest.

As you’ve begun doing this, we’ll see you at the top where you’ll be marveled at the sight.

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