In 2021, Chioma Jesus continued her good works in recording and releasing inspirational and soul-seeking gospel music. It is in 2021 that Chioma Jesus released the Next Level Album which became a hit across Nigeria and Africa because of how relatable the songs in this album are in the lives of people.

The Next Level album has broken boundaries into many African countries including Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal and South Africa. These are just a few of the many countries feeling the impact of God through the worship music Chioma is making.

In this article, let us take a closer look at Chioma Jesus’ songs for 2021 as she released them through her Next Level Album. You will have access to all 2021 song titles as well as insights.

Chioma Jesus Songs 2021

As already mentioned, Chioma Jesus released one album in 2021. This means that all the songs that we will list here are from this single album. Let us get into it then.

Chioma Jesus songs 2021 from Next Level Album:

  • change
  • too much
  • ohichawom anya nmiri
  • onye nmeri
  • ekwueme
  • ommimi
  • i go make am
  • he will do it
  • jehova abialla
  • chineke idi nma

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