A lot of fans have been speculative about whether Vin Diesel looks better with hair as compared to his current bald look. Well, check out some photos of Vin Diesel with hair and decide for yourself which looks better.

In this article, I have got a couple of pictures of Vin Diesel with hair. Some of the pictures are way back from his teenage days but they still look golden if you see them.

The Fast and Furious superstar is notorious for having a bald head which kind of gives him this perfect badass look in his numerous blockbuster movies enjoyed by the world of movie lovers.

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He has however featured in other movies with hair on his head. If you’re used to seeing him with a bald head, believe me when I say he looks really different with hair on his head. This doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he was quite good-looking growing up with a hair on his head.

But, you’d agree with me that he kinda rocks the bald head better than fellow star ‘The Rock’. Let’s check out Vin Diesel with hair in some selected photos of him:

The above image is a photo from his 2006 crime-drama ‘Find me guilty’. In this movie, Vin Diesel is seen throughout the movie with nice hair perfectly combed and drawn back hair. This gives him a whole new look considering he doesn’t have a lot of photos or videos of his adult life with a hairstyle.

What does Vin Diesel look like with hair?

Coming from an ambiguous ethnicity as he fondly once referred to himself. His early days had him rocking perfectly combed and not soo thick dark hair. For some who have connections to multiple cultures, he surely had hair that looked somewhat of an African-American.

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Below is a photo of Vin Diesel rocking a suit and tie with Afro hair from the 80s probably when he was still doing breakdance. Nice shoes he got there.

He definitely was good-looking growing up with hair. At least I suppose you and me both are on the same page with this one.

Vin Diesel with hair:

Above is also another photo of him from his 2015 released movie, ‘The Last Witch Hunter’. This movie is one of the few movies of Vin Diesel’s adult life where he has hair on his head.

He had a whole new look with not just the hair he was spotting but also the outgrown beard to match it. A perfect combination I’d say.  He is such a great actor and we can’t wait to see more of him in action.

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