Ghanaian media personality Berla Mundi who currently works with the TV3 Ghana channel and is the favorite in the Ghanaian entertainment landscape when it comes to hosting shows has given a social media fan the worst reply anyone can receive from a celeb.

In recent times, many socialites ask female celebrities who are of age to get a husband for themselves and settle down for the better, an idea that is not bad but bad when it does not concern you.

In a social post made by Berla Mundi, a fan known by the name Umar Ashraf Captan was seen in the comment session asking when she will actually get married let her mates are already doing out there.

Well, since one will not run from issues that do not concern him, the result is always fatal and this is exactly what Berla did.

In her reply to this fan, Berla Mundi asked him to actually dash her GHC50 to enable her to go to the market to get herself a husband. Fatal right?

Check a screenshot here:

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