For Accra, Ghana life can be sometimes expensive but pretty luxurious as well as people who can afford to take the steps to lodge in 5-star hotels. On the opposite, there are some resorts in Accra that offer great services in all aspects yet at very affordable prices. In this article, we sum up some cheap beach resorts in Accra that will serve your needs the best way.

If you find yourself in Accra, alone or with your family, do not worry about where to stay over affordability because we summarize the most affordable resorts and hotels in the city for you to pick from and live comfortably just as you will live in your own house.

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Cheap Beach Resorts In Accra

You’re safe, you’re secure and the fun you deserve is available if you make a selection from the list of resorts you make available in this write-up so just be calm.

Here are our selected cheap beach resorts in Accra

1. The African Regent Hotel

An icon of the finest hospitality in Ghana, African Regent is an integral part of Accra’s most prestigious residential community and features exclusive accommodations that offer more than just a good night’s sleep. It is boldly contemporary, yet inspired by elements of traditional African design.

2. Aqua Safari Resort

Located in Ada in the Greater Accra Region, Aqua Safari Resort has the best facilities to give you comfort throughout your stay at the lowest price you can ever think of. The resort is also known to be always filled up with people from different places hence it is easy to socialize.

3. Airside Hotel

Airside Hotel is located at the plush Airport Residential area, less than 5 minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport and about 15 minutes from the Accra city center. You are safe here, your comfort is assured and you are welcome to stay.

4. Airport View Hotel

Located adjacent to Accra’s international airport, the hotel offers a unique combination of world-class service, facilities, and a fantastic location. With the view of the Atlantic ocean, you are welcome to experience home away at as low as GHC411.00

5. La Palm Royal Beach Resort/Hotel In Accra

There is the need to separate the best from the best. La Palm Royal Beach Hotel has the best hotel facilities to give comfort to guests. The site also gives customers the best view of the Atlantic ocean.


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