Having access to some unnatural ways of having fun can make tour life exceptional for tourists and grant them experiences worth keeping for a lifetime. Canopy walkways in Ghana have over the years served just that purpose over time.

But how many so far of these walkways are currently in the country, what are their locations and what are the very details any tourist must know as he draws his plans to be on one of them anytime soon? These questions you’d have answered in this article to the best of time to help inform your tour experience.

You may find Amedzofe Canopy Walkway, The Hidden Treasure In Volta, Ghana useful to your search.

As time passes by the need to create new walkways keeps popping us and the desire to fulfill such needs makes it simple for people with the resources and financial muscle. Here’s what you need to know about walkways in Ghana.

Canopy Walkways In Ghana

We cannot specify the exact number of canopy walkways available in the country. However, we are going to tell you about the very popular ones that have caught attention in the public domain.

The Kakum Park Canopy Walkway In Ghana

Kakum National Park seems to be the country’s oldest and largest reserve that is serving the purpose of and generating revenue for the state. The park, located in Cape Coast in the Central Region can boast of different species of animals including birds.

The walkway is about 40 meters high above ground and journeys among the tall and giant trees in a distance of about 1.7 miles. The view from above though frightening gives tourists the chance to watch some wild animals.

The Amedzofe Canopy Walkway

Located in the serene Amedzofe enclaves in the Ho West District of the Volta Region, this walkway presents a display of amazing tour experience from just a view of it. The location is quite well selected and the space of its organization is top-notch. The site is located in the same space as the Bote falls as the walkway is just above the falls giving tourists the experience of a lifetime.

The Bunso Arboretum

Bunso Arboretum is a botanical garden located at Bunso in the East Akim District of the Eastern Region in Ghana. Like many gardens, tour life is second to none here. The view of the walkway in the garden gives visitors the desire to try it out though no walkway is stable. This great piece keeps improving from time to time.

The Legon Botanical Gardens

The Legon Botanical Gardens which has been existing since 1950 is located at the University of Ghana, Accra. It is owned by the University of Ghana and managed by both the Department of Botany and Mulch Company Ltd. It has natural vegetation of 50 hectares.

The introduction of a canopy walkway at the site in recent times has increased patronage and has boosted the desire of visitors daily.

Entry Fees

Entry fees and access/usage fees are different. The average entry fee for these sites is GHC5.00. Access to use the facilities may cost GHC20.00 for adults and GHC15.00 for children on average.

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