The Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD), the institution responsible for payment of salaries to public sector workers in Ghana has announced their intentions to team up with the National Identification  Authority (NIA) to deliver the best payroll services to Ghanaian workers. This means all public sector workers must possess Ghana cards.

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In a letter dated October 12, 2021, the institution has directed that all public sector workers and those aspiring to be on the government’s payroll to register for the cards and ensure they have them before December 1, 2021, in order not to have issues with the payments of their salaries.

Over the years, CAGD has complained about having names that are not worthy of salary payments and this resulted in a time-to-time payroll audit that sometimes gets some people who genuinely deserve salaries off the payroll.

The department mentioned in the letter that, the pain of restoring people who get taken off the system and paying whatever is owed them is the reason for this initiative hence everyone must comply accordingly.

Public Sector Workers Must Possess Ghana Card means that those who are yet to register and those who have registered but are yet to receive their cards must take steps to get them ready before the start of the official processes of biometric integrations.

Here is a copy of the letter:

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