Let’s look at Cacie Smith profile and social life: Cacie Smith is the daughter of celebrated American hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes and his lover Rhonda Randall and the two parents love their daughter so much that they provide for her needs to the very end making her one of the very lucky celebrity kids.

Cacie Smith was born on 2nd May 1999 in the United States of America where her father is a well-respected rapper, musician, performer, songwriter, and producer.

While in High School, Cacie Smith was on the basketball team as she is a good baller when it comes to taking on big teams in competitions.

Cacie Smith Playing Basketball

Social Life of Busta Rhymes Daughter Cacie Smith

Cacie Smith has made a lot of social appearances with her family. Busta Rhymes daughter is not one of the celebrity children who are hidden from the face of their parent’s social life and for that she has been hanging out with her father especially.

On various occasions, she has been seen with her father and though Cacie Smith doesn’t live with her father, Busta Rhymes often visit her and spends quality family time with her.

Cacie Smith With Busta Rhymes

So the above picture is a screenshot from Cacie Smith’s Instagram page showing how she loves her father and spends a great time with him at every little opportunity.

Likewise, Cacie Smith loves her mother Rhonda Randall just like her father, and the mother-daughter bond is just amazing to look at.

As a matter of fact, Cacie spends most of her festive moments with her mother and half-siblings as she looks forward to making the family bond stronger and that is so cool.

Cacie Smith With Her Mom

Now that you’ve read Cacie Smith profile, you should know that she is so present on social media especially on Instagram where she shares most of her updates from time to time. You may want to follow her to see more of her social life and what she is up to out there.

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