Bobrisky Reveals The Source Of Her Wealth

Bobrisky reveals the source of her wealth to those who have been asking how she lives lavishly.

Celebrated internet personality, Bobrisky, has finally come out to explain how she makes the monies she lavishly throws around.

For those who follow the Instagram star keenly online, you will see how she in recent times throws lavish parties for herself and some of her friends she selects based on her own criteria.

Well, a number of people who have been asking her how she makes all that wealth to do what she does have finally been given what they’ve been waiting to hear.

Bobrisky Explains The Source Of Her Wealth
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Here, Bobrisky Reveals The Source Of Her Wealth

Bobrisky, been so straightforward as always came up with a strategy to put off the habitual nose pokers, wrote a social media conversation which she alleges is her conversation with one of such people.

In the conversation, she actually cleared the air that she is a professional ash*wo and that has always been the source of her wealth.

Bobrisky also made it known that know a number of people would not consider her as a woman, it is her business how she operates in her field.

Here is Bob’s conversation;

Fans: Bobrisky you are beautiful, pls what do you do ma?
Bobrisky response: I’m an exclusive ashewo who work for billionaires only. I’m trained not to mention names or kiss and tell. Even at gunpoint, don’t mention any name. Just do your job and move on.
Fans: Damn !!! But you are not a woman so how do you do it ma?
Bobrisky response: Forget about that darling, there are many ways to satisfy my client so leave that for me. That is what makes me an exclusive ashewo.
Fans: Truly I have never heard you mentioned any name though cos I follow you back to back and you are so rich omg.
Bob response: Thank you.
We hope that this ends the conversation of what she does for a living.

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