As we keep mentioning here on Trendsmaniac News, Accra has over the years developed into a hub of many businesses and the fact that the city is located along the coast gives Accra an advantage over many other developing cities in the country. The best beaches in Accra are the very popular ones you’ve already heard of.

The festivity seasons in Accra get bigger and better and better when you find your way onto some of these big beaches in the city and we hope that you try it out soon and catch a vibe for yourself and maybe that family of yours or your friends.

We also have presentations on Accra Beach Hotels; Amazing Places To Hangout With Your Family when you decide to catch the festival vibes.

Best Beaches In Accra

Today, if you’re in Accra to feel nature, or you’re planning a beach hangout for your friends, choose among the following:

1. Bojo Beach, one of the Best Beaches in Accra

Bojo beach is located at the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean next to a fishing village. To access the beach, one has to take a boat ride across the Densu River. Hotel accommodation with a swimming pool is on the mainland. There are Restaurants and Bars on site as well so you won’t be left stranded.

2. Labadi Pleasure Beach

One of Accra’s most popular beaches known across the entire country is Labadi Beach. Labadi Beach or more properly known as La Pleasure Beach is the busiest beach on Ghana’s coast. It is one of Accra’s beaches and is maintained by the local hotels. Labadi Beach is in a town called La, popularly known as Labadi, near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

3. Kokrobite Beach

For planned beach events, the Kokrobite Beach carries the most weight. Great beach for relaxing, socializing, or surfing. There are some fun shops and restaurants there and a surf shop you can rent boards from. Just be self-conscious as sometimes there are unsuspecting hoodlums around to steal your personal belongings.

4. Coco Beach

Coco Beach is near the Best Western Hotel – Christiana. The place is a sunny beachside pleasure spot. All the usual facilities – people and amenities – are available: food, drink, handsome men and beautiful women. A splendid time is guaranteed for all who venture to see for themselves what we’re talking about here.

5. Sakumono Beach

Located in the outskirts of the Tema enclaves, the Sakumono beach is a top destination for people in the Sakumono estates. Meet beautiful men and women and socialize on events day when you finally make your way onto the clean and nice smelling beach of Sakumono.

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