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Motor insurance is a section of insurance that comes with a unique and well-designed package for policyholders upon agreement. Are there motor insurance companies in Ghana?

By definition, motor insurance is an insurance policy that covers the policyholder in case of financial losses resulting from an accident or other damages sustained by the insured vehicle

A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers damages to the third-party and third-party property along with compensating for own losses as well.

Types of Losses Covered By Motor Insurance

  • Damages and losses, resulting from natural calamities
  • Damages that result from human intervention, including burglary, theft, riots
  • Third-party legal liabilities owing to damages (both bodily injuries and death) caused to third-party as well as financial losses to third-party property.

By the insurance and vehicle ownership laws in Ghana, mort insurance is compulsory for every vehicle that uses a national road, and any vehicle found without it is prosecuted.

Every insurance company has specific coverage under the motor insurance policy. This means that you may not get the same offers from different companies. However, generally, you should expect:

  • Third-Party only Policy
  • Third-Party Fire & Theft Policy
  • Comprehensive Policy

Motor Insurance Companies In Ghana

Here, I will present to you a list of 10 motor insurance companies in Ghana that you can turn to when you finally buy a car since it is mandatory by law.

The 10 motor insurance companies are;

  1. Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Ltd
  2. Hollard Insurance Ghana
  3. Enterprise Ghana Insurance
  4. Star Assurance
  5. Vanguard Assurance Company Ltd
  6. Glico General Insurance co. Ltd
  7. Millennium Insurance Company Ltd
  8. SIC Insurance Company Ltd
  9. Donewell Insurance Company Ltd
  10. SUNU Assurances Ghana Ltd

The list above comes in no special order as there has not been any form of special measuring tool to arrange them as such.


As a car owner, you need to work with motor insurance companies you can trust. Working with any motor insurance company in Ghana listed in this article gives you the assurance that your premiums are safe for the uncertain future.

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