Aqua Restaurant Barbados

Everyone knows that having an Island experience is a lifetime experience that not even those who cannot afford would run away from if given the push they’ve always looked forward to. With this in mind, if you are in the Caribbean and find yourself in Barbados, having a meal at the Aqua Restaurant Barbados won’t be a bad idea.

The restaurant offers great dishes selected from both local and international menus that visitors always want to have a taste of whenever they are on the island or around any of its provinces.

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Aqua Restaurant Barbados

Located in Hastings, Christ Church, the restaurant was established by Dan Jelensek and Michael Hinds, men who have great taste for luxury in food. Because cooking is what they love, Michael Hinds holds the title of executive chef for the restaurant.

This facility is suitable for anyone irrespective of his preference of food because local seafood, poultry, and varieties of meat are featured on their menu which anyone can pick from for either lunch or dinner.

For the dining locations, you’ll be spoilt for choice as there are both the lower and upper restaurants. When you dine upstairs you can see the Hastings coastline quite clearly with nothing blocking the view of the beautiful coastline of Barbados. The upper view also gives you the full breeze of nature from the ocean, and that’s just phenomenal.

Aqua has the most sophisticated but exceptional wine lists which include red wine, white wine, rose wine dessert, and sparkling wine.

For history in your experience collection, try this joint and come back with a thank you for us.