Tech giant, Apple Technologies is said to have been engaged in the development of smart rings just like they have done with the Apple Smart Watches that help an iPhone user to perform among others, things he can do with his phone.

According to reports, the introduction of these smart rings is intended to reduce lies in relationships since the watch will be able to record the travel or movement trajectory of a person and upon request reveal details of that movement any day.

Although a little bulkier than a wedding or engagement ring tends to be, it looks like the Apple Ring should be able to fit on one finger without becoming a burden.

Apple Smart Rings

The smart wedding rings connect with the couple’s ring and let them know everything about the spouse’s trajectory and the places visited by him or her.

Better yet, if it’s deleted or locked it reports off on the other ring, so the other person will know if it’s been turned off

In addition, it will have the ability to show the rhythm of the heartbeat, blood pressure, amount of sweat, and other extremely interesting data.

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