Embattled professional teacher, Teacher Kwadwo has taken a swipe at blogs and new platforms that made publications that he is begging and working his way back into .

In the latter parts of 2021, Teacher Kwadwo was dismissed by the Ghana Education Service after the disciplinary committee found him deserving of it.

The comedian after the official letter was addressed to him used social media to share some information about the turn of events. His posts may have been misinterpreted, I guess.

In a new post, he expressed disappointment in bloggers who took it upon themselves to share untrue information about him.

Read Teacher Kwadwo’s message here:

I have seen these LIES of a caption being spread on social media. I don’t know who started it but lemme make things clear here.

I, TEACHER KWADWO have never & will never BEG anyone to take me back anywhere.
I know what I am doing and will never look back.

I haven’t regretted anything and I will never ever feel remorseful for doing something GOOD.
I am for the betterment of Ghana Education & that’s what I stand for!

It’s sad how these bloggers will choose to DESTROY you instead of helping you to push a good course. These same bloggers and media houses will act like they have the betterment of the country at heart.

How did you people even push the “FIX GES” campaign?
So, what is the purpose of these lies? to get Numbers and make money?

So, y’all prefer making money through EVIL means than to see Ghana and her Education prosper eh?
We live to see it!

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