The Drive Safe Campaign has been initiated in Ghana in a bid to combat the rampant road accidents that are recorded on the country’s roads. Here, we take a look into the records for 2021 and present in detail, analysis of Ghana’s Road accidents from January to October as we head into the festive season of the year.

The death rate of Ghana is largely influenced by year-on-year road accidents. The major highways of Ghana have been the hotspots of accident cases recorded by the country in most years and the menace keeps repeating year on year.

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Analysis of Ghana’s Road Accidents For 2021

A report generated from the MTTD Motor Accident Returns for January 2021 to October 2021 has summarized the rate of road accidents in Ghana and the number of people who have been involved in road accidents in 2021 as well as the injuries and deaths recorded.

In our overview of the report, this is what we have been able to deduce and make available to you our cherished readers.

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As of the end of October, a total of 13,244 road accidents have been recorded on the country’s roads. Though the menace seems to be reduced as compared to data from other years, there is more to be done to drastically bring down the curve.

Out of the above-mentioned figure, a total number of 2,380 persons have lost their lives tragically. Some of these people died while being transported to various health facilities, others died at the spot and others cannot even be recognized.

You may see some people who you knew before become disabled all of a sudden, right? This is what happens to them.

So in all, from month 1 of 2021 to month 10, 12,898 people have been injured as a result of road accidents. If you actually know of such accidents, you will know that such injuries tend to have lifetime effects on your life.

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Reports available suggest that, the Accra-Cape coast, Accra-Kumasi highways have become hotspots for the growing accidents in the country.

Check the breakdown here:

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