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Amedzofe Canopy Walkway, The Hidden Treasure In Volta, Ghana

The Amedzofe Canopy Walkway is the new tourism treasure in Ghana, precisely in the Volta Region that you are yet to experience.

For tourists, the experience received from a journey must equal the time, energy, money, and other resources emplored in the process.

You have to look at this; Tourist Sites In The Volta Region of Ghana

With this in mind, one must make plans and review locations before embarking on that in the clear order of not living to regret it forever. Here, we bring you the hidden treasure in the Volta Region of Ghana which you might not yet experience or you have and need to re-visit.

Amedzofe Canopy Walkway
Image of Amedzofe Canopy Walkway

Amedzofe Canopy Walkway

If you do not already know, Amedzofe, located in the Ho West District of the Volta Region happens to be the highest human settlement in Ghana and the people are very hospitable towards tourists in terms of good food.

The introduction of the new site into the town has boosted the arrival of visitors who pay huge sums of money to explore nature in the best possible way.

Now let’s look at the rare treasure coming with it

Killing two birds with one stone is a great statement and here is where such statement is applicable enough for us.

The location of the new site is an amazing one and visiting here makes you visit two sites at a time, great right?

Now let me tell you. The new Amedzofe Canopy Walkway is sited right above the Ote waterfall both in Ho West District. This goes a long way to mean that, by visiting one of these sites you have already visited the other and can narrate an experience about the two.

Amedzofe Canopy Walkway

So to cut it all short, begin making plans ahead of the holidays and experience the greatness of the Volta Region of Ghana.

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