All three contestants of Keta Senior High Technical School in the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz have acquired the traveling passports ahead of a planned trip to Dubai and Nairobi scheduled for January 2021.

After the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz ended, a lot has been going on in Ghana from donations from companies and benevolent individuals to members of the Keta SHTS Quiz team.

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Keta SHTS Team With Director of Passports

One of the trendy issues regarding the outcome of the contest has been an offer of fun and educational trip to Nairobi and Dubai as part of the packages for the winners of the contest and the most outstanding female contestant, Francisca Lamini.

This issue has been trending because Francisca subsequently turned down the offer with a plea for support for her male counterparts to be sponsored to join her since she cannot have the fun she is supposed to among members of another team.

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Days after her plea, a company offered to sponsor all expenses for the boys from Ketasco to travel along with the initial team. Good news right? Yes, it is. The two boys got free Dubai visas and tickets.

Now, the team has successfully secured passports to enable them to apply for their visas ahead of the travel. This news is shared by celebrated Citi Tv journalist, Vivian Kai Lokko on her Twitter handle.

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