Aliou Cisse is married to a Burundian wife. The Senegalese national coach and former captain of the team made this revelation when he showed up on some media platforms after winning the 2021 AFCON with the Senegal team.

Aliou Cisse has been the subject of discussion on many platforms after he shocked the world to put the Senegalese team ahead of all other teams that made it to the 2021 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

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Talking about his family, Aliou Cisse mentioned that, he has lost many members of his family in a tragic accident on the shores of the Gambia on a ferry on the 26th of September 2002.

For an event of such a great massacre where over 300 passengers lost their lives including 11 of his family members,  it has become hard for him to readily have conversations on the topic of his family.

Who is Aliou Cisse’s wife?

Though Alio Cisse does not readily want to talk about his extended family, he does so about his nuclear family including his wife and children.

As mentioned earlier, Aliou Cisse is married to a very beautiful lady from Burundi and they have been together for years now. Though the name of his wife is not known, pictures of her say it all.

Aliou Cisse’s Burundian Wife

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