Having to wake up to the view of the ocean is a beautiful thing anyone will ever hope to have. But in as much as you can’t own a house at the beach, you should from time to time patronize the services of beach resorts around you or far from you if you want a new experience. Here, we sum up a list of some of the pretty affordable beach resorts in Ghana. Take a look with us.

Ghana, the West African county is rated among the best place for investment and the country also has some of the best tourist attractions to give you that experience you’ll need to refresh you from hard works.

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Most Affordable Beach Resorts In Ghana

For us, when affordability meets reliability and great customer service in hospitality, customers get to testify of the pleasure any time. That is why we bring only the best among the lot.

1. Eli Beach Resort

Located in Keta in the Volta Region of the country, Eli Beach Resort is very much positioned to take on any hotel and hospitality challenge. Ranging from the Eli boutique to the Eli pool, the Eli restaurants, suites, gym and spa, conference hall, and private beach view among others. You should check our story out first hand.

2. La Palm Beach Resort/Resort

La Palm Beach is located at one of the very serene places in the country. La Palm is along the Teshi-Nugua-Osu stretch of the country. With affordability, the resort has every facility modern enough to make you enjoy every bit of your stay in an affordable state.

3. Aborigines Beach Resort

For lovers of a simple lifestyle, you need to take a look at this one. This resort is located just a few meters from Fort Prinzenstein, one of the very few ancient forts used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This resort provides guests with individual penthouses to enable them to feel safe and private enough.

4. Aqua Safari

One of the most popular beach resorts in the Greater Accra Region, precisely in Ada is not known by many as affordable. This facility which is used for many occasions including music video shoots and movies can boast of anything you need to get away from home and still meet the comfort you desire at a relatively cool price.

5. Lemon Beach Resort

Here you have it. Located on the J.J. Rawlings High Street, Elmina Ghana, Lemon Beach Resort got you covered. With great facilities, Lemon Beach Resort would love to be your gate to the world you will fall in love with immediately

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