Accra Beach Hotel Deluxe Ocean View Suite

So you are spoilt for choice until you have finally decided on Accra beach hotel and spa. That’s a first step to having an experience away from home that you would live to narrate to your pals. But you also need to look for the Accra beach hotel deluxe ocean view suite. A suite you won’t regret paying for.

If you live in the States, you’ll know that is difficult to select from the many hotels and guest houses but one of the best you’ll not regret spending on is what we have mentioned already to you and we hope you’ve already begun plans to visit and see for yourself.

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Accra Beach Hotel Deluxe Ocean View Suite

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Put up splashly in lush gardens, the 3.5-acre beachfront hotel presents heartwarming views of the island, pool, or ocean, providing ultimate relaxation to ensure you have a lifetime experience to speak about.

The attraction is amazing. Here, you’ll enjoy a refreshment or light bite to eat at a beautiful swim-up pool bar and may also partake in a boozy cocktail whilst watching the sunset at an oceanfront bar.

With 6,500 square feet of gathering space occupied by this facility, there is space to easily host up to 200 people at a spot.

There are three on-site restaurants that offer you both local and international delicacies that you have always planned on having a taste of. Enjoy limbo dancing, exciting floorshows with fire-eaters, and live music as well on your arrival.

The spa has professional therapists that would on anyday assist with a massage you can’t resist. You are free to from a wide selection of treatments spa experience would make you love just that treatement.