Life is different for everyone since we were all brought into the world by different families, at different times, under different environments, and above all exposed to different resources but the rules of life will definitely suit you irrespective of your family orientation.

Each time we walk out our does, we are subjected to the harsh conditions of the world that we forget where we are coming from and our mission out there as people yet life must go on and on and on. Today, these simple truths that we’re about to expose you to would change your way of thinking.

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Rules of Life

Your ability to read and comprehend the following rules is a sign of progress for a starter and you must be proud of yourself already. So let us get straight into it then:

1. Make peace with your past: A lot of people keep regretting the past actions that they fail to take forward steps. As a person, you need to understand that no matter how horrible that past is, it is meant to give you or someone else an experience.

Learning to embrace the idea that it has already happened and nothing can change it so life must move on is the best way to get a great life.

2. Pay less/no attention to What others think of you: Everyone is entitled to their opinions since opinions are like noses. The words that come from people are more hurtful than a sharp sword so you need to get rid of opinions. While at this, note that the opinions we mean here have to do with their opinions about you, not your actions. Take criticisms of your actions seriously but pay no attention to what is said about your personality.

3. Give everything time: So by now, you may be wondering why you’re still crawling when your mates are walking and running. The answer you seek to those questions is time. Everything, once worked towards, comes with time and you must learn to anticipate patiently. Do not feel belittled over what your peers achieve, just work hard and smart and give it time.

4. Do not compare your life to others: Everyone has a story just as you have yours. The fact that you don’t hear them cry out doesn’t make them painless. To be successful, you need to learn to stop comparing yourself to other people and focus solely on that target you’ve created for yourself.

5. Learn to wait, don’t expect to have it all: At a point, you may have a lot of questions you want answers to but the answers are just not there. It’s alright. As mentioned earlier, time is a great factor in life. Give all your questions time and you shall have them naturally. Don’t go seeking them.

6. You are in charge of your happiness: The disappointments that the world around you would provide, may make you wanna give up. But hey, no. Winners don’t quit cus quitters don’t win. Learn to be content and proud of what have and what you hope to achieve and let that be your anchor of life.

7. Smile: The final step among our 7 selected rules of life is always smiling. You don’t actually own a 10th of the problems of life so the few you have control what you do? Remember smiles are medicinal to face wrinkles so always try to keep a smile on that face.

8. Mind your business: Your ability to keep to yourself would make you go far. Try as much as you can to stop interfering the affairs of people cus you ain’t perfect yourself.

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