50 Chinese Baby Names And Their Meanings

Chinese Baby Names

50 Chinese baby names to consider if you need one for reasons known to you and your families only.

Whether you are looking for Chinese names to honour someone of Chinese heritage as a way of showing gratitude or you are just making the choice for your love for the names, trendsmaniac has all you need and more.

From the history of the ancient Chinese names to the current trendy and cool omes, there is always a name to suit every baby.

Chinese names have so special meanings should you understand them and as such we give you 50 Chinese Baby Names and what they actually stand to mean.

In order not to rush into things, let us take a look at how baby names are considered in Chinese culture.

50 Chinese Baby Names
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How Do We Name Chinese Babies?

In a typical Chinese setting, names are written oftentimes from the surname of the person before the person’s own given name.

Some names are purposely for males, others for females whereas some others can be given to both sexes. With these, you will see M for male names, F for female names, and U for unisex names.

50 Chinese Baby Names

  1. Fang – fragrance, virtue (u)
  2. Jing – peaceful or tranquil (u)
  3. Lei – mound of rocks, great, thunderous (u)
  4. Li – pretty or beautiful, strength (u)
  5. Min – quick or clever (u)
  6. Qiang – strong, better (m)
  7. Tao – large wave or peach (u)
  8. Wei – great (u)
  9. Yan – gorgeous, swallow bird (u)
  10. Xiuying – brave and beautiful (f)
  1. Ai – lovable
  2. Ah Lam – peace
  3. Baozhai – precious hairpin
  4. Chu Hua – chrysanthemum
  5. Chyou – autumn
  6. Daiyu – black jade
  7. Fen – scent
  8. Ju – daisy
  9. Lan – orchid
  10. Liling – sound of white jasmine
  11. Mei – gorgeous, plum
  12. Nuo – gracious
  13. Shu – warmhearted
  14. Ting – enduring
  15. Zhan – valuable, genuine, innocent
  1. Aiguo – patriotic
  2. Bingwen – bright and cultivated
  3. Bolin – elder brother rain
  4. Chaoxiang – expecting fortune
  5. Donghai – eastern sea
  6. Feng – sharp blade, wind, summit
  7. Genghis – just, righteous
  8. Hu – tiger
  9. Huizhong – wise and loyal
  10. Jianyu – building the universe
  11. Park – the cypress tree
  12. Qianfan – thousand sails
  13. Shanyuan – mountain source
  14. Xiaobo – little wrestler
  15. Zixin – self-confidence
  1. An – peace
  2. Bao – treasure, gem
  3. Bo – wavelike
  4. Chen – break of the day
  5. Chun – born in the spring
  6. Guang – glorious
  7. Heng – eternal
  8. Huan – happiness
  9. Hui – clever
  10. Jiang – river



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