The importance of vacation for students cannot be underscored in any discussion. This is the reason why educational stakeholders take the steps to give students the needed vacation for specified durations.

You have been a student before, you may agree that the more time students spend in school actually reduces their interest in learning and rather increases their desire to play around. There is a saying about “all works and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”.

Vacation is essential for the development of everyone. By this, the social class, occupation, and economic standard of a person do not matter since our general well-being depends largely on it.

In this article, I seek to help put an answer to the query about the importance of vacation for students. Here, I bring to you some 5 importance of vacations in the life of every student across the world.

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Who is a student?

According to Wikipedia’s definition of a student, it is enrolled in a school or other educational institution. This definition stands in most instances but it does not cater to the entire concept of learning. In my own view, a student is someone who is studying in order to enter a particular profession.

I hold this opinion because I feel the need to qualify everyone who is studying as a student since teaching and learning goes on there.

Importance of vacation for students

At the onset of this article, I have made it clear that a vacation trip is important for the well-being of every individual and that definitely includes students.

You may be asking how vacation for students is important.  The importance of vacation for students is large and it’ll take pages upon pages to complete writing about it. Let us look at just 5 of these importance in the life of students.

The importance of vacation in the life of students include;

  • reduces the risk of heart-related diseases
  • reduces fatigue and burnouts. Thereby renewing the student’s energy
  • eases of stress and boredom from academic activities
  • makes students focused and more productive
  • increases the desire to engage teachers in extra lessons

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