Over the years, traveling around the world has evolved to the point that everyone now understands that there is more to nature than meets the eye as been said. This article is dedicated to those traveling to Ghana or in Ghana, here are the 5 best travel and tour companies in Ghana you can fall on for your travel needs.

There are lots of travel agencies that you will hear of. Though we are not dragging the into the mud, you need to understand that these companies work with ratings and the best gets good ratings from patrons and that’s where we are feeding you from.

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5 Best Travel And Tour Companies In Ghana

This list is in no particular order. However, it is a detailed compilation of the 5 best travel and tour agencies you can get in Ghana for your travel needs on any day.

1. Satguru Travels Accra

Satguru Travels is one of the 10 best travel agencies in Ghana. The company has been in operation for well over 5 years in Ghana and has won many awards. They are headquartered in the Greater Accra Region near Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Dr. Esther Ocloo St, Accra. You can call Satguru Travels on 030 221 5200.

2. Signature Luxury Travel and Tours

Signature Luxury Travel and Tours is another travel agency you can work with. Signature Luxury Travel and Tours operate both domestic in-country travel as well as international travel. Locate them E-Plaza 2, 32 Osu Badu Street, Airport-West Accra, Ghana. You can also call them on 030 273 1554.

3. Doscar Travel and Tours

Doscar Travel and Tours is one of the leading travel operators in Ghana working on both international and local travel all year round. To meet up and schedule a plan with them, locate Doscar travel and tours at Sedco House, 5 Tabon St, Accra. You can also visit their website doscartravel.com or call them on 030 224 8282.

4. Kenpong Travel & Tours

Kenpong Travel & Tours has been awarded so many times due to their diligence in the travel business, making them one of the best you can fall on for your travel needs either in the country or across the world. Locate  Kenpong Travel and Tours at 11 Yiyiwa Rd, Accra, or call them on 020 919 4507.

5. Jubilee Travel And Tours

If you want to travel and not worry about where to lodge or which way to return, Jubilee Travel And Tours has you covered with over a decade of experience. Locate Jubilee Travel And Tours on the 1st Floor, Trinity House, Opposite Ghana National Fire Service Headquarters, Ring Rd E, Accra or call them also on 024 363 6770.

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