Nigerian politician, businessman, administrator, and philanthropist Samuel Ioraer Ortom says presidential aspirant Ahmed Tinubu has already failed for wanting to continue with President Buhari’s legacies.

Samuel Ioraer Ortom was a Minister of State Trade and Investments in Nigeria during the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking to the subject matter, Samuel Ioraer Ortom said that Buhari’s policies are nothing good so anyone who intends to follow in the same footsteps is already a failure before the contest.

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He said:

“I heard about one of the presidential aspirants Ahmed Tinubu who said he would continue from Buhari’s good legacies. I want to tell him that if nobody has told him, I want to tell him that Buhari’s policies and programs are not good. And anybody who is saying that some of us, in our own little way, we will fight him and tell our people to vote against him. So, he has failed ab initio.

“An average, Nigerian cannot even afford a tin of rice and the FG is better parading rice pyramid from rice he got from different producers across the state with Benue inclusive and no credit is given to us as one of the producers of rice, but what I saw there was Miva rice produce by a Benue Son”

“I wonder the people that are going to the farm now in this face of insecurity that the presidency is deceiving Nigerians of rice pyramid, bandits have taken over almost all the states and are occupying their ancestral and instead of the FG to push these bandits back to their country he is busy talking about rice pyramids, it seems this APC led administration has no focus.

“Where we are now, is not where we should be talking about party affiliations, the most important thing is to put heads together to rebuild and rescue Nigeria from a failed government”

“I want to apologize on behalf of Benue People for electing PMB as the President of Nigeria because Benue State has not felt any impact of voting him as the president,” Ortom added.

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