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2021 NSS Posting Release: The Scheme Serve Directives To All Personnel

2021 NSS Posting

The National Service Scheme has put up 2021 NSS posting into the public space with directives on what applicants who would soon be service personnel after accepting their postings should do next.

As stipulated by law, every Ghana who is above the ages of 18 and has had tertiary education in any of the country’s tertiary institutions is mandated upon completion to serve the country in a one year service which in turn is expected to create some experience among fresh graduates from the country’s schools.

As we move on you may find the University of Ghana, The Pride of Ghana’s Tertiary Education interesting to look at.

It is also imperative to know that, foreigners who have had their education in Ghana and intend to work with their qualifications in the country are expected to mandatorily have the same service exposure while Ghanaians who also had their tertiary education outside the country but expect to work in the country are also expected to do same.

The 2021/2022 NSS posting is expected to inform all applicants who registered to be posted for the service year that their applications are processed and they are either successful or unsuccessful in the process.

Applicants who are successful are posted to well-established institutions from both the private and public sectors. In the other direction, applicants who have failed to meet the necessary posting criteria are directed to fall on their respective regional offices to restart the process from where necessary.

Here is exactly what the National Service Secretariat put out there for the general public’s perusal and action.

2021 NSS Posting

The management of the National Service Scheme has today 6th October 2021 deployed a total of 80,081 graduates from accredited tertiary institutions who enrolled for the 2021/2022 national service to various user agencies across the country.

Prospective service personnel should log on to the scheme’s website Portal to confirm the specifics of their placements before visiting their respective user agencies to endorse their letters of appointment.

The management wishes to inform the general public that some prospective service personnel have been placed on hold for further verification due to the discrepancies detected in their online details. Notifications have already been sent to the affected persons and are directed to visit their regional offices with a copy of their enrolment forms, student ID, any national ID, and a soft copy of their passport picture saved with NSS number as the file name to clear them for posting.

All those who have already been cleared after visiting the service website and securing details can head over to the regional offices of NSS in the regions they are placed to start processing their allowances. Everyone is expected to observe the COVID-19 protocols.

The movement to the offices should be done on appointments. The personnel is directed to book an appointment with the regional offices before proceeding to visit.

It is also worth noting that the earlier these processes are done the better as the personnel who are accepted by their user agencies would be expected to start their national service on November 11, 2021.

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