The University Teachers Association of Ghana, UTAG is currently on a sit-down strike over some issues of non-implementation of market premium and increment of basic salary for lecturers across Ghana.

Tertiary education in Ghana from 2020 faced some problems after the Covid-19 virus broke out across the world. The government of Ghana shut down schools which resulted in altering the various academic calendars across the country’s schools.

Well, things are not at their best since the reopening of schools because for the second time UTAG is going on strike and refusing to teach students who are back to school.

Here, we bring you a memory refreshment and we are focusing on a UTAG strike in 1994 which lasted for a whole year and interrupted the graduation of a year group and forcing the government to step in.

In trying to compensate the affected students, the J. J Rawlings government at the time asked the graduate who instead graduating in 1995, graduated in 1996 to serve the country for only three months and be given their National Service Certificates.

We hope things do not get that far this time around.

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