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What are the universal banks in Ghana now? This is one very important question for someone like me because the answer to it will afford me the opportunity to make great decisions in banking.

According to Wikipedia’s definition, a universal bank participates in many kinds of banking activities and is both a commercial bank and an investment bank as well as providing other financial services.

In this article, my interest is directed toward providing you answers with a list of universal banks in Ghana as of the year 2022 as well as the services these banks render to customers in the banking world.

All banks in this list have been vetted by our team as being in good standing. This means that each of these banks meets the banking criteria of Ghana including the minimum capital threshold.


How Many Universal Banks Are In Ghana?

In Ghana, the Ghana Association of Bankers which is known as GAB for short is the leading representation of the universal banking sector of the country. The association currently represents the interests of 24 member banks.

This means that in Ghana at the moment as of 2022, there are 24 universal banks that anyone in banking can work with.

Universal Banks In Ghana

If you are a fanatic about banking, you are at the right place to check out all that is needed about banks that provide universal services as well as keeping a variety of accounts.

Now, as always said, I do my best to get you the list of these banks in Ghana. However, I urge you to take your time and do some homework on each of these banks, then you can go into business with the most favorable.

The list of the 15 universal banks in Ghana are;

  1. Fidelity Bank Limited
  2. GCB Bank PLC
  3. UT Bank Limited
  4. CAL Bank Limited
  5. Unibank (Ghana) Limited
  6. Access Bank
  7. Ecobank
  8. Consolidated Bank
  9. Societe Generale
  10. Guarantee Trust (GT) Bank
  11. Bank of Africa
  12. First National Bank
  13. First Atlantic Merchant Bank Limited
  14. Fidelity Bank
  15. National Investment Bank (NIB)


As listed above, you are free to work with any of the 15 banks listed in this article as each of them is approved by the central bank of the Republic of Ghana to carry out banking activities in the country.

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